Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 2: Much Warmer

Last night, we were lucky enough to have the members of the Holy Comforter Church make us Chicken Tetrizini for dinner.  It was delicious.  
Deja, Kayla, Karen, and Sam enjoy time together during the meal.

We successfully made it through day 2! Temperatures were much warmer and the rain held out. A lot of progress was made on both the houses. The roof on one of the houses is almost complete and the trusses in the other house are ready to be put up first thing tomorrow morning. Blogging today is brought to you by Kayla, Deja and Sam.
The guys making us our first meal of the day! Ryan was proud of his "boiling brown bacon". 
I started my morning off eventful as I (Kayla) tried to conquer my fear of heights on the roof with Ruby and one of our construction volunteers Drew. 
Jenn joined us on the roof too. 
Later in the day Karen, Alyssa and Dan decided to check out the view and help finish the roof. 
This picture shows the same group from above looking through the roof into the inside of the house. 
Jenn was kind enough to take a picture of some of the girls eager to work. 
Dan and Bob "the builder", the construction supervisor, working on the jacks for the frame of one of the houses. 
Ashley, Jess, Kayla, Deja and Sam behind the bars. This room will eventually be a storage closet. 
Safety first! We learned this week that you must always have a spotter when someone is on a ladder. 
Jess and Kayla working on a header for one of the houses. 
Sam carefully nailing a board for the porch of one of the houses. 
Alyssa and Karen posing for a quick picture. 
The group working on the porch. 
Ryan was lucky enough to not only have one spotter but two! 
Dan has earned the nickname Sleeping Beauty on this trip. He can sleep anywhere, even on the roof! 
Nothing like some Mickey D's after a long hard day at the site. Dessert before dinner (hey it is break right?) 
Ryan slaving away for the second time today making us Chicken Alfredo for dinner. 
Karen and I cutting up chicken to help Ryan as Deja supervised. 
Some of the group getting ready for dinner. 

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  1. "Karen and I cutting up chicken to help Ryan as Deja supervised." - Why does this sound familiar? Jason R.