Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Windy Wednesday

Hello! This is Ruby, Jess, and Karen writing today!

So last night, after our delicious dinner, things got pretty intense in the game room. Luke and Ryan teamed up and beasted everyone at Foosball. We also enjoyed spending time with our new friends from Christopher Newport in an intense game of Mafia.

 Luke and Ryan battle Ruby and Alyssa, while Jess referees.

Everybody's hangin' out!

Ryan was having trouble sleeping on the hard floor, so he took a trip to Walmart to purchase a flowery, pink pool raft. Being a "tough" man, he refused the assistance of the girls air pumps and insisted on blowing it up himself. However, he had a little trouble...

Today we were welcomed to the work site by a cold blast of wind. Despite the cold conditions, we were very productive. The two main projects we worked on today were putting up the first trusses on the one house, and nailing up boards to help with insulation installation on the other house. We had a DELICIOUS home-made hot lunch served by a generous volunteer, complete with THREE different desserts: brownies, toffee bars, and banana pudding. 

 Both teams worked together to lift the truss onto the roof. 

 Alyssa was the brave soul who volunteered to stand up on the roof to hold and nail the truss down.

Putting up the second truss was just as successful as the first! 

 Jenn working hard nailing in the truss.

All the ladies supervise as Luke nails in a board.

Dan nailing while Ruby diligently holds the ladder stable.

Nailing in more insulation-blocking boards below the roof.

 A concerned Ryan tries to warm up all the freezing-cold girls.

 And now Ryan is entertaining all the ladies by singing into his sledge-hammer microphone.

Jess and Alyssa pause for a fun picture.

Tonight we will be going to another church for a home-made southern fried chicken dinner! Look for pictures on Friday, because tomorrow we will be heading to Charleston for the day! :) 

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