Monday, March 4, 2013

Day One : Complete!

We started off early this morning with a caravan to the job site with our new friends from CNU.  We will be spending the week working on two houses, both of which are at slightly different stages of completion.

Our time at the site started with a quick orientation about proper handling of equipment and safety procedures.
 Part of the group got to work on putting up "dead boards" in the one house.  Here, Jenn cuts a board.
 The chaperones, Luke and Ashley, also help out on the site.
 Some of us got to spend some time in the rafters, carefully maneuvering so we wouldn't fall.
 Here is the first house we will be working on this week.
 This is the second house.  You can see how they are clearly at different stages.
 Lunch time!  We take a break to eat our lunch, which was generously donated to us by a Habitat volunteer.
 Ruby and Alyssa spend time on the roof, ready to nail in OSB boards.
 Jess works to hammer a nail into the OSB on the side of the house.
One of our houses from this week will go to the Maxfield family.  The second house will go to another deserving family that has not been picked yet.

Tonight we will have a delicious dinner at the church!

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