Sunday, March 10, 2013

We Made It!

We made it back yesterday!  Everyone slept on the way back yesterday, so there aren't any fun pictures to share.  But we're back in Bethlehem and safe and sound!

Thank you so much to the construction crew down in Sumter!  Without their help and guidance, none of the work we completed would have happened.  Their patience throughout the week helped all of us learn basic skills and even overcome some of our fears.

Thank you to Derek, the Executive Director from Sumter, for helping to organize the week and Collegiate Challenge as a whole.

Thank you to Tim and everyone at Holy Comforter for opening up your church to everyone so we would have a place to sleep and eat and relax every day.

Thank you to everyone who provided delicious meals throughout the week.

Thank you to our chaperones, Ashley and Luke, who not only drove us both ways on the trip, but also spent time with us each day, made sure we were safe, and helped us out on site.

Thank you to Nicole and Katie back here at Moravian for helping to plan and organize most of the trip so that it was able to happen.

We wish the Maxfield family and the other family that gets selected the best of luck in their new homes and we hope that they enjoy the time spent together, both working on their home and living in it.

We are all thankful that we got the chance to travel to South Carolina, meet each other, and build friendships in addition to homes, communities, and hope, in the true spirit of Habitat for Humanity.

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