Friday, March 8, 2013

Last Day on the Site - Let's Make It Count!

Hello!  This is Jenn and Dan writing today!  Today was the final day on the site and we were working by ourselves because the Christopher Newport students were spending the day in Charleston.

Before we started working on the houses today, Bob showed us one of the finished houses in the neighborhood.  In addition, Bob also shared with us some interesting trivia and facts about Habitat for Humanity.  Did you know that Habitat Sumter has built a house in 19 days, and that Habitat in Guam has built a house in under four hours?!

We primarily worked on the roof of the second house today.  Bob showed us how to cut and hoister the "L" supports onto the trusses.

Karen takes a break from the trusses to smile for a photo!

While the "L" supports were being installed on the trusses, Sam and the others hammer in some dead wood into the frame.

Today, Luke took the opportunity to climb up into the trusses as well.

Alyssa holds the wood as a volunteer Merryl cuts the wood.  Merryl has been volunteering with Habitat for quite some time and has helped out in as many ways as he can.  Currently, he is able to help with a lot of the sawing and has sawed wood for all of the houses in the neighborhood we were working in this week.

Alyssa and Ryan prepare the nails that will anchor the beam into the frame of the house.  This will allow the trusses to remain in their correct location when the drywall is installed.

Drew pushes the beams up into the frame while Jenn, Dan, and a few others patiently wait to align and hammer them in place.

Everyone gets together for a final group shot with the on-site crew with our second house.  We then took the opportunity to take many more pictures.

All of the students in the front window.

The Moravian Crew with the second house and the sign.

Luke and Ryan - the lovebirds, sharing one final moment of their bromance before the final departure back to Pennsylvania.

Alyssa and Ruby with Drew - stoic.

The Backseaters - Best vocal group ever!

Jenn and Ryan - team leaders.  Bob said "I heard of sticking your nose to the grind, but this is ridiculous!"

We were about to take a quick photo in the morning with everyone from CNU stopped by for a final goodbye!  We even got both houses!

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